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kingsmill And Hovis Breads

 We all love bread that is why we offer best freshly baked Kingsmill bread and Hovis bread to deliver unique experience to our customers. 


Kingsmill Bread

410: 800g Kingsmill Medium Soft White 

411: 800g Kingsmill Thick Soft White 

420:800g Kingsmill Medium Wholemeal 

421: 800g Kingsmill Thick Wholemeal 

430: 800g Kingsmill Medium 50/50 

431: 800g Kingsmill Thick 50/50 

467: 400g Kingsmill White 

469: 400g Kingsmill Tasty 

Hovis Bread

310: 800g Hovis Medium White 

311: 800g Hovis Thick White 

320: 800g Hovis Medium Wholemeal 

321: 800g Hovis Wholemeal Thick 

322: 800g Hovis Medium Wheatgerm 

330: 750g Hovis Medium Best of Both 

331: 750g Hovis Best of Both 

340: 800g Hovis Medium Granary Original 

341: 800g Hovis Thick Granary Original

353: 800g Hovis Seven Seeds

360: 400g Hovis White 

361: 400g Hovis Brown 

362: 400g Hovis Wholemeal